Why some chose PGDM/MBA over Naukri. Let's find out.

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On completing their degree, many youngsters find themselves at the crossroads - of whether to look at the job market or look to pursue a PGDM or MBA. In this second blog on what to consider prior to making this important decision, we’ve shared what led some of  XIME’s current students to continue their studies.

‘In the field, I was interested in, they only hire those with a PGDM or MBA!’

In the non-tech space – in fields like marketing, finance, or HR, graduates often face this situation where employers are often looking for a candidate with a Post Graduate in Management.

Many fresh graduates keen on entering the HR space post-college are often not considered at the interview stage because good firms prefer hiring those with an MBA or PGDM in HR for their deeper understanding of people and organizations.  This is also the case in finance. A PGDM or MBA in finance or a CA is what is being looked out for.

“I witnessed first-hand how dramatically my elder sister was transformed through her PGDM course and I wanted that experience!”

Those who’ve seen the transformative power of a good post-grad in management studies realize that they’d do far better in their careers, long term, if they did their PGDM or MBA first, before Naukri.

In a good institute, the residential management program virtually condenses possibly a few years of work experience into two action-packed years.  Students unlearn years of conditioning - of blindly following instructions, doing as one’s told, etc. And then begin exercising their latent analytical skills. 

They’re taught to think critically, and independently and to question ‘accepted truths.’  And because the curriculum also expects them to defend their choices and decisions, students learn to present their points of view in a clear, persuasive manner.

 ‘The jobs available to fresh graduates are neither stimulating NOR interesting.”

A major disappointment awaiting many fresh graduates is that the job market at that entry-level sometimes offers work even non-graduates can perform. These jobs are low on critical thinking. So instead of wasting a couple of good years in a dead-end job that offers no opportunities for learning OR growth, some degree graduates prefer to opt for a PGDM or MBA right after college.

Post management studies, the jobs on offer are far, far more stimulating, and exciting and offer a clear upward growth path.

A fully residential program at a hugely diverse campus can transform you

Typically, across India, parents are more comfortable with their children joining a college close to home, as day scholars. This makes sense when students are just 17 or 18 years old. While this protective environment is good at the early stages, it can also limit one’s worldview.

Post-degree, a fully residential program from a good management college guarantees a lot that’s not in the syllabus. The opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities; the chance to collaborate with friends and classmates from different parts of the country, opening one’s eyes to new markets, different lifestyles, etc; the unbeatable, life-changing experience of learning to adjust with people of all types and the sheer thrill of working through the night with buddies to host an all-India fest or meet a presentation deadline.

Good colleges with top placement records that have been consistent over decades also attract students from all over India, so studying in an institute with batchmates from over 20 Indian states can be a positive transformative experience. Friendships are forged across state boundaries. Hitherto unknown festivals are celebrated on campus; novel cuisines are discovered and possibly even new languages get learned.

Anyone who’s benefited from going through such an institute is truly ready for the diverse Indian workspace - in every sense.

When truly undecided

For every 10 students who enroll in engineering college and graduate, there is at least a third who leave behind engineering altogether post-college - looking back on the past 4 years with regret, and only certain this field is NOT something that interests them. 

The same could be true of other degree courses too. So, when students complete graduation but are unsure about their future path, taking on a job, volunteering at an NGO, or working within a family-run business could help them make up their minds.

Many bright graduates apply for and work with ‘Teach for India’ after graduation. This becomes an experience that clarifies their thinking. It helps them discover a little more about themselves, before making a critical decision about their future.

Skills acquired at a PGDM or MBA help in ANY industry, in the social sector, AND in entrepreneurship

When unsure about the industry or sector that interests them, young graduates can wisely invest in a PGDM or MBA, because the skills acquired through such courses can be applied in ANY industry. A PGDM in HR or Finance helps a passionate social warrior set up an NGO, as much as it would back the dreams of a start-up founder.  Majoring in marketing would help someone sell cloud services as much as raise funds for rural agritech.

So in many ways, the two rigorous years spent acquiring life skills, critical thinking capabilities, and a deep sense of responsibility to those less fortunate - will hold one in good stead WHICHEVER sector one eventually chooses - tech, FMCG, healthcare, social sector, startups or fashion.

So, the answer to the question, “MBA/PGDM or Naukri – is based on your situation. If your situation looks like some of those shared above it could be PGDM/MBA calling. If you find the right starting job soon after your degree that aligns with your aspirations then a naukri followed by a PGDM/MBA could be your calling.

We wish you the best in making the right choice.

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